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RMC PLANT(Samanantar Concrete Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.) is a division of Samanantar Group. Our plants are fully computerized with the world’s latest control systems, ensuring consistent quality products batch after batch. We are manufactured at modern fully computerized plants which have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment by machinery suppliers of global repute – fully automated Batching Plants, well-equipped laboratories for testing raw materials and fresh concrete, Transit mixers, and stationary pumps capable of discharging concrete at high elevations and over long distances.

Contact Person

Name: Kamal Phaiju

Cell: 9851069950


About Us

A large fleet of the latest models of Transit Mixers and Concrete Pumps to suit different terrains and work sites ensures that RMC customers get timely and uninterrupted supply of premium quality concrete as per their requirement as well as its efficient and timely placement at the work site.

Samanantar Concrete Udhyog is supplied in a variety of grades and compositions to meet specific demands of customized applications – from simple requirements for small homes to High Performance Concrete to meet the complex needs of mega projects. At all our plants we follow the following stringent quality standards.


What We Promise, We Deliver-Creating customers’ Delight!

With the right raw material, you will never go wrong on your quality of product produced. Our company purchases Cement, Admixtures and Aggregates from approved vendors. These materials are approved only after rigorous testing at our laboratories. This is the first step in minimizing variability in quality and ensures very high consistent quality concrete. Each of the company plants has a fully equipped laboratory with the latest in testing machines to carry out routine and detailed tests of raw materials as well as fresh finished concrete.



It is a customer-centric organization, providing excellent quality products and prompt service to its customers. The Company has the best of the technical abilities and systems in the RMC and aggregate business, capable of delivering the right quality products to customer in the most cost-effective manner.

The Company tracks the latest technological developments occurring in the sphere of concrete technology and adapts them to the needs of the Nepali market. It is one of the few companies in the country which has successfully produced and delivered latest-generation special concretes such as:

  • High-strength,
  • High-performance concrete,
  • Self-compacting concrete, Fiber-reinforced concrete,
  • Temperature-controlled concrete, etc.



Infrastructures of Our Plant:

Plant Capacity: —————–60 cum/hr. (Fully Automated Plant)

Silo——————————-3 Silo (Capacity 500 MT)

Transit Mixers: ———13 (Each with capacity of 7 cum)

Concrete Pumps: ——-2 (Each with capacity of 18 cum/hr)


Plant Calibration Frequency :


Internal – Monthly

Lab Equipment calibration frequency:


Compression Testing Machine – Yearly (External)

Cube Moulds – weekly (Internal)

Raw material Testing Frequency

Inetrnal –Weekly

External- Yearly